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Sources To Raise Your Good Cholesterol

HDL and LDL are two cholesterol that affects our body’s health. HDL or commonly known as “good cholesterol,” are needed by our body to sustain health. While LDL or “bad cholesterol” increases the risk of certain diseases, most especially cancers.

Sources To Raise Your Good Cholesterol
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It is widely known that LDL is caused by an imbalance diet and too many bad habits. Raising one’s LDL and decreasing HDL can cause damage to our immune system. A recent study shows that a moderately saturated fat diet can actually prevent coronary diseases, literally different from previous studies that it causes blood to clot. Saturated fats increase both your HDL and LDL at the same time. So it is still advisable to take monounsaturated fat diets to help your HDL levels increase.

Trans fats can raise total bad cholesterol levels while decreasing your HDL. These fats are known as hydrogenated fats, which means that it is an artificially made fats which are basically no health benefits at all. These man-made fats are processed foods like hotdogs, burgers, ham, french fries, etc.

We must be knowledgeable of these fats, especially there benefits. Below are good sources of good cholesterol for your reference.

Onions. Onions are a very powerful immune booster. It can protect us from numerous viruses from invading our bodies. It is also a good source of HDL. Make sure to eat onions daily.

Exercise and have a healthy diet. It is proven that being active is very important for our health. Walking, jogging, biking, sports, or even house cleaning has its benefits. Study shows that aerobics can lower LDL levels and increase good cholesterol by 3% each day.

Soluble fiber diet. A high fiber diet in the morning can increase your HDL levels by 5%. Fiber can be found in green vegetables, oats, soy, and nuts.

Omega-3 fatty acids. Common sources are tuna, salmon, and sardines. Canola and olive oil are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Use canola or olive oil in cooking to lessen carcinogenic elements found in frying. Regular take of omega-3 can lower LDL and improves HDL levels.

Magnesium-rich foods. Spinach, legumes, green vegetables, nuts, and potatoes are rich in magnesium, which is proven to increase your HDL levels. Include a magnesium-rich diet in your daily meals, and you will achieve lower bad cholesterol.

Stay away from commercial foods. Always pack your own food. Prevent happy meals in restaurants as much as possible. There is a lot of trans fat concentration in fast food meals because they always maximize their profits when cooking. You risk lessening your good cholesterols in burgers, hotdog sandwiches, french fries, fried chicken and many more.

Don’t smoke and drink alcohol. It is proven that smoking and too much alcohol will fasten the increase of bad cholesterol in the body. The immune system will get weak, and your risk of various diseases will increase. So stay away with these vices to maintain your good health.

Cholesterol has a significant impact on our health. Staying informed and aware of the foods we eat, they can prevent us from future health risks. Maintain your good cholesterol and lower your LDL levels is a good start to a better health and lasting wellness!

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