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Tips For Better And Sharp Memory As You Age

Sharp mental capacity is very essential at any age. But it is just natural that our mental capabilities decline as we age. This is due to more factors such as malnutrition and the environment. Poor memory is one of the major problems for all individuals who reached senior years.

Tips For Better And Sharp Memory As You Age
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Brain cells are responsible for storing all our experiences in life, enabling us to remember things in an instant. As people age, the production of these cells will start to decrease, resulting in reduced analytical and sociological mental capacity. Although the production of brain cells will never stop as long as individual lives, mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease can occur if the patient ignored his poor mental condition.

To maintain a sharp memory, you have to take a step to help your brain functioning capabilities in good condition, starting at a very young age. Below are the best natural tips for better memory function even as you age.

Take Healthy Diet

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The first thing you should do is to make a healthy diet in your lifetime. You must start this habit at an early age to help maintain complete nutrition until the time you reached senior years. Vegetables and fruits are the best food choices for everyone because of the many health benefits these foods possess. You must also drink a lot of water every day to keep your brain healthy. Our brain is composed of 70% water that is why water is a very essential part of our everyday needs.


beat anxiety make daily exercises
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There are tons of health benefits of physical activity. Mental or physical exercise is both beneficial to our mental health, which helps stimulate the mind that enables to remember things efficiently at a much faster pace. It also helps to regulate blood flow, which is essential to brain functioning through enough oxygen intake. Oxygen helps nurture our brain cells to function well.

Take Enough Sleep

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Sleep allows the brain to rest and replenish for the coming day. Not enough sleep can lead to slow memory and makes you less alert. It can also help shrink your brain literally.

Monitor your Weight

Monitor your Weight
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Being overweight is bad for your brain. Too much fat in your body prevents the regular blood flow to the brain, which can lead to poor memory. Always check your body mass regularly.

Make Stimulating Thoughts a habit

One reason why brain malfunction occurs is because we don’t usually use the brain for analytical and scientific reasoning, rational thinking, and emotional control. In other words, we lack stimulating thoughts to exercise our memory. Most elders that have sharp memory are lawyers, engineers, teachers, and doctors. Why? Because they are always thinking which are very essential to their profession. People that has nothing to do in their middle age have higher risk of developing short term memory loss.

Take Supplements

Take Supplements
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In this modern time, supplements are readily available in the market. It can be in the form of an energy drink or a herbal capsule that promote memory enhancers. If your elderly member of the family hits the age of 55, it is more ideal that he or she must take supplements to aid and help prevent memory loss.

Take some Time with your Parents

We should spend more time with our parents and grandparents to better solidifies the family ties. Poor communication between family members will lead to loneliness and inconvenience to the elderly members of the family. This will then cause stress, and severe memory loss will follow. Show more support and give more time to enjoy their company and for them to have more happy memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.

These tips are a very simple yet very effective way to stay out of memory troubles. Make sure to apply these guidelines to improve your brain capabilities. Memory problems as we age can be prevented only if you know the right thing for your health.

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