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11 Signs You Are About to Have a Heart Attack

When it comes to maintaining good health, arguably nothing is more important than keeping your heart healthy and pumping strong. But unfortunately, there are many factors in life that work against good heart health. The foods we eat are the main culprits, especially processed foods, salty or sugary foods, and other forms of junk food.

If your heart is especially in poor condition, you may have a higher risk of a heart attack compared to others. A heart attack is a very serious happening, easily being a risk of death or extreme harm to your health. So considering how serious a heart attack is, it’s important to understand the signs ahead of time. Let’s take a look at 11 signs you’re about to have a heart attack so that you can be safe rather than sorry.

Discomfort in your chest

Chest Pain

This is easily the most common symptom of a heart attack to come. If you notice any signs of discomfort––such as tightness, pain, or pressure––it might be time to contact a health physician.

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